Focused, Effective and Efficient Coaching

It didn’t take long for Yvonne’s input to noticeably impact the professional and personal goals we established. It wasn’t what she said, but what she asked. Yvonne listened to me, asked me clever key questions and allowed me to identify the what, when and how issues that I wanted and needed to work on. It was a personalized and empathetic methodology, not a one-size-fits all solution. I use the framework and tactics we discussed in our meetings every day. In a nutshell, Yvonne’s coaching has been efficient and lasting

~ Alejandro - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our coaching sessions gave me insights and answers

Working with Yvonne has been an incredibly positive experience.  She is extremely supportive, encouraging, accommodating, and understanding.  She effortlessly guided me through my fears, created a safe and supportive space to confront them, and helped me move in the direction of my soul's deepest desires. The visualization exercise she guided me through gave me insights and answers I didn't even know I was seeking, and our coaching sessions gave me the tools and the courage to move towards them.  The sessions also offered me clarity, simplicity and practicality which I was able to apply right away in order to make necessary changes.  

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Yvonne, and wouldn't ask for any other coach.

~ Jelena - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yvonne has a true gift - she is a great listener and provides a safe space for exploring and developing ideas

I first contacted Yvonne after feeling that I needed some help in moving forward with my life. After our first conversation I knew Yvonne was the right fit for me.

Yvonne has a true gift - she is a great listener and provides a safe space for exploring and developing ideas, in both a professional and personal way.

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Yvonne. Yvonne created a safe and supportive space in which I was able to develop and explore ideas that I had for a long time but was unable to actually act upon.

I learned to use a lot of different tools. One of my favourite tools was visualization which really helped me get a clear vision of what I really want to do. Other tools and methods also helped me be more focused  and clear about my path.

I got a lot of support from Yvonne, through our sessions and through emails and phone calls.

I  highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who wishes to pursue their dreams, or who wishes to improve their life!

~ Michal - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Talking to Yvonne has changed my life.

I was very unhappy with my current situation and lacking direction. Yvonne has helped coach me into creating a new path for myself. I have found that I now know so much more about who I am as a person, and what makes me feel happy; I have developed a new understanding of myself. In addition, I never realized how much personal resistance I had within myself until talking to Yvonne. 

She is positive, patient, intuitive and vastly supportive. She has helped to strengthen me in my journey against my personal barriers. I have felt better after every single one of our sessions. Talking to Yvonne has made a quantifiable impact on my life. I am so grateful to have been introduced to her as she has genuinely made my life better. I recommend her as a life coach to everyone. 

~ Victoria - Toronto, Ontario, Canada