Feeling less overwhelmed, having a greater sense of clarity, direction and generally more on top of all areas of your life.

Let's explore...

I encourage you to finish the sentences below:

With less overwhelm, I would feel...

I would like to feel more fulfillment and happiness by...

With better prioritization I would feel....

What excites me about the possibility of being more on top of my game is...

Everything that you want lies within you. You already have everything you need to succeed.   I will help you bring it to the surface, so that you can be more productive, get more done, reduce stress, reduce the feeling of overwhelm and feel more clarity, be more fulfilled and increase your levels of happiness.

I encourage you to imagine the possibilities and invite you to work with me to achieve real change and see amazing results.  I would love to partner with you on this journey. 

starting point

Now that you have completed your life wheel, (if you don't know what the life wheel is, get your Free Productivity Report) we have some good starting points for our journey together.   Let's assess further to see where you are on your journey and just check to make sure the timing and environment is conducive to moving ahead.  Together, we will explore what changes need to be made in order to make sure that the ground work is there for a solid foundation.

Don't feel overwhelmed, frustrated or in a rut any longer.  I have a solution to increase productivity that will help get you on top of your game.

Here is an example from a client that I worked with....


After having worked with a number of clients from all walks of life, my solution is tailored to individual client needs in order to get the best outcome.  Everyone struggles in different areas:

  • maybe you feel overwhelmed by all your tasks at work

  • perhaps you need some clarity around your personal life

  • is building good rapport with colleagues at work challenging?

  • are you in a rut and needing help getting some direction?

After doing a thorough assessment of the starting point, we then solidify what the goal is.  Together, we co-create the focus, format, desired outcome(s), timelines and accountability measures. 

tools & Features

Through a process of powerful questioning, recognizing and transforming self-limiting behaviours & beliefs, honest discussions, reframing issues, and values-based decision-making, we will crystallize your vision and determine what exactly it is that you want for yourself. 

During our three months together, we will meet for 1 hour calls every other week.  You will also have access to me between our calls via email and text message for ongoing support.  

I will also provide you with further supporting material, tools and exercises to help you get effective results as quickly as possible. 

What my clients say about working with Me 

It didn’t take long for Yvonne’s input to noticeably impact the professional and personal goals we established. It wasn’t what she said, but what she asked. Yvonne listened to me, asked me clever key questions and allowed me to identify the what, when and how issues that I wanted and needed to work on. It was a personalized and empathetic methodology, not a one-size-fits all solution. I use the framework and tactics we discussed in our meetings every day. In a nutshell, Yvonne’s coaching has been efficient and lasting.

~ Alejandro - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Why put it off?

Do you know what it costs you each day that you stay stuck, paralyzed, overwhelmed, and don’t take action towards getting a handle on difficult situations, your overflowing TO-DO list, and just getting on top of your game?

The cost of not solving this issue is higher stress levels, constant worry about this issue, poor sleep, and just lower levels of enjoyment and satisfaction overall.

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